Make Bright Dreams A Reality With LED Lighting For Vehicle Conversions


Are you passionate about RV, van, and vehicle conversions that help your customers enjoy the ultimate adventure? LED bulbs from Wired4Signs offer your customer the modern adventure lifestyle they crave.

Why Are LED Strips and LED Channels So Popular in Vehicle Conversions?

Lighting with LED lights has grown to be one of the most popular features of vehicle conversions. Upgrading your services with unique LED light offerings will transform vans and RVs into well-designed, aesthetic, and smart adventure vehicles. LED bulbs offer better lighting, reduced heat generation, and are extremely energy efficient.

LED strips brighten up every space to create a quality rolling home and luxurious experience. Your clients will love the look and modern features of LED lighting in their converted vehicle. Specialized functions make dreams a reality; if your clients want a high-tech push-button lifestyle, offer multiple options for remote control. Give drivers the ability to control lights with an on-off switch, remote dimmers, and key fobs. Best of all – remote control options are easy for you to install and teach how to operate.

Increase your appeal to diverse tastes. Some LED strip lights are wired with sound-sensitive features that synchronize lighting display with music. Offer lights in different colors, patterns, and placements to help your clients discover the true potential of a converted vehicle or RV.

What Are the Benefits of LED Lights?

Assist your clients by outlining the many benefits of LED lighting, including:

  • Superior efficiency: Lighting won’t drain your battery juice on the road.
  • Longer life: Eliminate the time-consuming tasks of replacing traditional bulbs.
  • Health and safety: LED lights are safer, as they don’t contain mercury or generate large quantities of heat.

If you offer packages, you can help hands-off customers with special electrical upgrade packages. If your clients prefer to DIY, they’ll be delighted to learn that installing LED lights does not require a permit, license, or complex electrical wiring. Many RV owners can install lighting strips in a quick single-day DIY project; we recommend our kit form channels for DIY installation (strip and power supply required separately).

Where Can LED Lighting Create Awesome RV and Van Conversions?

Many customers aren’t sure about where LED lighting will make the most difference in their converted vehicle. Whether your customers are looking for adventure travel, modernization, or general upgrades, start by learning where they spend the most time, both inside and out of the vehicle.

The two most popular areas are often the kitchen/dining area and right outside the entrance:

Set the Cooking and Dining Mood

Do your customers love cooking during their travels? Many van and RV owners enjoy spending time in the kitchen and dining area. Creating beautiful and healthy meals on the road means that lighting up the traveling kitchen is a top priority.

If you’re customizing a van or RV for an avid chef, upgrade the kitchen and dining room lighting with under cabinet and counter lighting.

Having a well-lit kitchen zone for chopping, cutting, preparing, and socializing helps clients make the most of the kitchen-dining space. Kitchen lighting in many older RVs and travel trailers is notoriously poor. LED strips for kitchen areas are one of the most popular modifications. Offer your customers options for putting in strips under the cabinets, over the cutting area, or towards the top of the molding.

Power up new lights to create flexibility and the perfect ambiance — a bright kitchen preparation zone or a romantic dining mood.

Enhancing the Outdoor Experience

There’s no question that lights on an RV or van awning boost enjoyment. A well-lit awning maximizes the experience of the outdoors. Explore specialized options such as light strips that come in different colors and displays. We can even resin fill an LED channel to create a 100% waterproof fixture, which is ideal for RV external lighting.

If your clients love to BBQ, install LED strip lighting for the RV awning. Many customers know how frustrating it is to stumble in the dark or search for tools with a flashlight. Instead of fighting the dark, show the advantages of awning lighting. Your clients will welcome the freedom of BBQing with friends, playing a game of cards, and basking in the soft glow as the sun goes down.

Discuss the pros of permanent lighting. If your customers have rope or string lights, emphasize the advantages of LED strip lights. With permanent LED lights you can help your customers enjoy life on the road — hassle-free and without the risk of a fire.

Awning lights and exterior lighting are also a great way to enhance vehicle security. A well-lit RV or van is a simple security measure that many van owners might not think of initially but will appreciate.

Upgrade the Adventure Travel Experience

Show your customers how LED lighting upgrades enhance the adventure experience.

Consider how lighting upgrades and simplifies an active lifestyle on the road. For instance, a dimmer for LED strips helps owners enjoy the flexibility of different levels of lighting and maximize the use of a small space. Appeal to tech-savvy RV owners with a wireless key fob dimmer. This allows owners to change the lighting from anywhere nearby their vehicle.

Customers are seeking van conversions to make their dreams come true. LED lights are the key to light-up bright adventure experiences that make your customers smile.

Examples from Wired4Signs RV and Vehicle Conversion Customers

Some of Wired4Signs’s customers provide examples of real-life applications of its LED interior lighting products in vehicle conversions:

  • Jason and Renee Busse: This engineer and interior designer has used some of Wired4Signs’s LED profiles in their vehicle conversion of a school bus. They share their “skoolie conversion story” on their Instagram account called the_busse_bus.
  • Vannon: This company has incorporated some of Wired4Signs’s LED profiles in its conversions of vans into off-grid vehicles that are ideal for outdoor adventures. Check out examples of the LED interior lighting inside their Mission and other van models on their website,
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