NRS Galvanized Brake Pads – The Best Pads For An All Electric-Future


There is no doubt that Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the future of the automobile industry. They are a far cry from the traditional gas-powered vehicles and, as such, require more advanced technology and more advanced parts.

At  NRS Brakes, we understand the importance of an excellent braking system, especially in advanced vehicles like hybrid vehicles and EVs. In turn we  have intentionally designed brake pads that will ensure smooth rides and even smoother stops for your EVs.

Electric vehicles use a regenerative braking system that helps them recover a large part of the energy that could have been lost during braking. Although this is very helpful in conserving energy, it can also cause moisture to build up, causing premature pad corrosion and rusting and, in some cases, premature brake failure.

NRS Galvanized Brake Pads provide long-lasting and effective solutions to these problems.

Here’s how and why…

Use Of Galvanization Technology To Prevent Rusting

Unlike other traditional pads in the market that use paints to prevent corrosion, NRS EV Galvanized Brake Pads prevent corrosion using zinc plating technology. This prevents your brake pads from corroding and strengthens them to ensure optimal performance, even in harsh environments.

With NRS-EV Galvanized Brake Pads, you never have to worry about rust or corrosion-prone pads.

Patented NRS Technology To Ensure Long-Lasting Retention of Friction Materials

NRS isn’t just focused on making rust-resistant brake pads; we are also interested in making brake pads that are durable and whose friction materials never delaminate from the backing plate surface; mechanically attaching the friction material as opposed to simply gluing the key to a longer lasting brake pad

Many brake pads in the market today use adhesive to secure the friction material to the backplate. These adhesives can easily undergo thermal degradation and cause brake failure or even accidents.

We do not use the traditional adhesive method; instead, we use In-situ Galvanized Hooks, an award-winning mechanical attachment and patented technology called NRS™.

 With NRS-EV Galvanized Brake Pads, you don’t ever have to worry about detachment, and you can go about your drives feeling safe and more secure.

Use of Premium Friction Materials

Not only are our friction materials tightly bonded to the backplates, but they are also made of premium semi-metallic and copper-free materials.

We believe in using only the best premium materials for our products. This ensures that our brakes  dissipate heat and cool efficiently, are long-lasting, produce less brake dust, and have incredible stopping power.

Comes With a 90% Reduction in Brake Noise

All our brakes come with the NRS Piston Cushion Insert, which is designed to help reduce the noise level by up to 90%.

Friction between brake pads and rotors causes noise, and brake fluids help to ease this friction. However, when heat is transferred to brake fluids, they fail to do their job properly.

This is where the NRS Piston Cushion Insert comes in. It acts as a barrier to minimize heat transfer to brake fluids, thus reducing brake noise and giving you the quietest brake pad in the world today.

Wrapping Up

With all of the properties above, it is without a doubt that NRS Galvanized Brake Pads are the best brake pads for EVs, hybrids, and even autonomous vehicles.

Love the perks? Then visit our shop here and place your order for your NRS-EV Galvanized Brake Pads.

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