Buy Used Parts From a Specialist 4WD Wrecker and Save!


Four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles are designed to provide improved traction and stability in off-road conditions, and they have become increasingly popular in recent years. To maintain the performance and longevity of 4WD vehicles, it is essential to use high-quality 4×4 parts.

Suspension systems are a critical component of 4WD vehicles, as they provide the vehicle with improved stability and handling in rough terrain. Suspension systems typically include shock absorbers, leaf springs, and control arms, which work together to absorb the impacts of rough terrain and maintain the vehicle’s balance. High-quality suspension systems are essential for maintaining the vehicle’s handling and performance, and for preventing damage to the vehicle’s undercarriage.

Drivetrain components are another important part of 4WD vehicles, as they transfer power from the engine to the wheels. The drivetrain typically includes the transfer case, the differential, and the driveshaft, and they work together to distribute power evenly to the wheels. The transfer case is particularly important in 4WD vehicles, as it allows the driver to switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, providing added traction and stability in rough terrain.

Braking systems are an essential part of any vehicle, but they are especially critical in 4WD vehicles, which are often heavier and faster than their two-wheel drive counterparts. Brakes are responsible for slowing the vehicle and bringing it to a stop, and they must be able to perform effectively in all conditions. High-quality brake systems for 4WD vehicles should include larger discs and calipers, and may include features such as cross-drilled rotors or performance pads, which provide improved stopping power.

Tyres are another critical component of 4WD vehicles, as they provide the vehicle with traction and stability on the road. 4WD vehicles typically require tyres that are designed specifically for off-road use, and they should be capable of providing good traction on a variety of surfaces, including mud, sand, and rocks. Tires are also important for maintaining the vehicle’s stability, as they help to distribute the vehicle’s weight evenly and prevent it from becoming unstable on rough terrain.

Suspension systems, drivetrain components, braking systems, tires, and lighting systems are all essential components of 4WD vehicles, and they must be designed and manufactured to high standards in order to provide reliable performance in all conditions.

These parts can be very expensive, and often enthusiasts will upgrade parts from factory specifications. This means there is a huge market for second hand and replacement parts, both for factory standard and aftermarket parts. The best place to find used parts at reasonable prices are specialist 4WD wreckers.

Auto wreckers receive old and damaged cars from accidents and auctions. Often the majority of the car is not damaged and is a great source for both genuine factory parts and aftermarket parts like wheels, bull bars, canopies, body panels and even replacement engines. The benefit of buying from an auto dismantler is you can save hundreds of dollars over buying new parts.

The other benefit of buying from wreckers is they often stock factory interchangeable parts from other vehicles built on the same platform. Wreckers are also able to source hard to find parts from other wreckers through various parts interchange networks, meaning they can source just about any part at a reasonable price. Many of these wrecked 4×4’s also have specialist 4WD aftermarket upgrades, which are often easy to fit by any enthusiast, meaning you can upgrade your vehicle without breaking the bank.

4WD Wreckers are a great place to find specialist replacement parts for most models of 4×4 vehicles, and better still can save you money in the process.

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