Share Advantages-Disadvantages Ford Ranger. Is It Best To Choosing Or Not???


A pickup truck designed for every situation. With an outstanding appearance more modern make it a popular car when thinking of a pickup truck, there may be a Ford Ranger that many people must think of for sure, but there are both good and bad trends. Causing many people to hesitate today we will tell each other for comparison.

Ford Ranger, a tough pickup truck that many people like. Especially people who like to wade through the rigors with a design that looks more modern Suitable for new generations who like cool things. The interior is designed to make driving more comfortable. Internal functions are also good. As for safety, there are many people who are satisfied, but when entering the market in Thailand Instead, sales are not very good when compared to other pickup trucks of the same level. May be because of the high price and still familiar with the same camp Hesitate with the Ford Ranger. Today, shares the pros and cons to make it an option.

Starting with the advantages of the Ford Ranger pickup, the first is a distinctive, eye-catching appearance, indicating the identity of the user as well. The interior is decorated in luxury. All kinds of functions are fully equipped, not different from sedans at all. The cabin is very quiet and soundproofing. By considered good enough As for performance, it is considered good. Driving long distances is quite good, tall cars, thick tires, suitable for Thai road conditions, tight suspension. It Drive up and down the hill comfortably and good acceleration in the city, drive continuously. It’s like a normal big car. For transportation, it can carry heavy loads well. Parked on a slope, the car can still be kept level with a slight tilt. When considered stable enough there is also a safety technology to enhance confidence as well. Read more about Ford Ranger

Disadvantages Ford Ranger

There are advantages and not to mention the disadvantages. The disadvantage of the Ford Ranger is that parts are quite hard to find. Time to send to repair the whole set, the differential gear, pinion gear, the size of Xiang Kong is still hard to find. There are not many decorations to choose from like other popular camps. Driving in the city, the energy consumption rate is higher than other camps. Plus, when it’s hard to bend, it’s a big car. Can’t enter the narrow alley this may be one of the reasons why Ford Ranger in Thailand is still not scorching. Some cars may have oil leaks in the rear of the engine, leaking rear shocks, and flashing lights until they have to send several system checks. With being a car going up and down is a bit difficult. May not be suitable for elderly people the steering wheel is very responsive. When driving, you must be very conscious. Otherwise, an accident may occur. The clutch, gear set has quite a lot of problems, sluggish, low revs, and little torque. It has to wait for about a thousand rounds until the end is strong but if you’re not in a rush, it’s fine.

Final Conclusion:

Overall, for the Ford Ranger, the highlight would be a distinctive, modern design look that is suitable for modern people today. Relatively tight suspension performance Make driving fun in all road conditions. The facilities and safety are full. But there are disadvantages, namely parts and usage. Being a big car, you may have to think carefully about choosing this model. But if anyone wants a used car, they have to look carefully. Which try to look first at used cars, we may get a good price car, but the engine can be used as well But if you want to follow good news, you can go to

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