How to Scrap Your Car


If you have a dusty old vehicle taking up space in your parking lot, it might be a wise idea to scrap the vehicle altogether. Scrapping is the act of discarding the vehicle. Local scrapping companies will remove your vehicle from your property, take it apart, and recycle as many of the parts and components as they can. It is the ideal choice for people who want to dispose of their vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner.

Here’s what happens when you scrap your car:

  • The scrappers take it to a salvage yard
  • They remove all components and metallic panels
  • They salvage the components in working condition, service them, and sell them off
  • The rest of the parts are recycled

If you want to scrap car in Brighton, here is a brief guide to help you out.

Table of Contents

Find a Reliable Scrapper

The first thing you need to do is to find a reliable scrapper for the job. There are several companies that offer scrapping services throughout Birmingham, so just find one that is closest to your house. Show them a few pictures of your vehicle and let them give you an estimate. In some cases, you might get some monetary value for the car as well.

Give it Away

The company will schedule a date and time for the pickup. They will send over a tow truck to move the vehicle from your property and give you a receipt in return. You can use this for a tax write-off as well at the end of the year.

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