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Consumers in the market for a luxury sport sedan find they need to travel. Fifth generation vehicles made in this series between the years of 2006 and 2011 are considered to be the best in their class for a variety of reasons. Two years after the introduction of the sedan, the convertible and coupe versions were launched to great reviews. The time has come to check this car out, as it has everything a driver could want and more.

This model first came as a sedan with a 3.0 liter engine, providing either 215 horsepower or 255 horsepower, depending on the preferences of the driver. Buyers could also choose between an automatic transmission or a six-speed manual version and both came with the all-wheel xDrive system. Two years later, along with the introduction of the two new models, BMW added turbocharged engines, ones which offered 230 and 300 horsepower, again with all-wheel drive. In contrast, the coupe and convertible were offered as rear wheel drive vehicles, although a driver could choose the 328i coupe if they wished to have all-wheel drive. Changes continued to be made over the coming years, yet the vehicles retained the amazing aspects that drivers had come to love.

Performance is the number one reason drivers fell in love with this line of cars, along with excellent handling. Going from zero to 60 mph takes anywhere from five to six and a half seconds, and the car could take on any road and weather conditions, thanks to the all-wheel drive. One thing that has never been sacrificed is the luxury. These vehicles are known for their wood-trim, leather seats, navigation and more. Check one out today and see why so many fall in love. m

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